3 Tips to Practice Gratitude

Blog Post

I’m a big advocate of practicing gratitude. This is because I have experienced myself how powerful it can be when I’m having moments of negativity or stress. But if my first hand experience isn’t enough, that’s ok – go to the research. This will show you that practicing gratitude can assist in boosting:

✅ Happiness

✅ Optimism

✅ Personal satisfaction and motivation

You can get all these benefits, and what I like the most is it only takes a couple minutes of your time. We all have moments where we get caught up in our negative internal dialogue, thinking about the things that are not going well in our life, or the things we don’t have. Gratitude is about stopping for a brief moment in your day and acknowledging the things that you do have. The things you are grateful for might be big or small..it doesn’t matter. As you get into the practice you will notice all sorts of things pop up worthy of your gratitude.

To get you started I’ve put together a downloadable checklist that includes 3 tips to start practicing gratitude. Plus it also has a gratitude journal included. To get a copy, click the button below.

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