How to Start Organising Your Day

By: Danielle McCarthy

I am passionate about many things…and one of those things is organisation. I’m a mother of 2 young children, a wife, a businesswoman, and a psychologist (I could go on to include cleaner, cook, etc but let’s leave it there😛). If I didn’t have on point organisation I wouldn’t get through the day…or if I


What to do when you are triggered by something

By: Danielle McCarthy

I’ve been talking a lot with people lately about how to manage situations where they have been triggered and are experiencing heightened emotional distress.Despite all the personal ​​work you may have done to explore, process, and use tools to manage being emotionally triggered, it is likely that there will still be occasions in your life when


Body Image In Young Girls

By: Danielle McCarthy

We’re living in a culture where our young daughters are learning their appearance is “everything”. With digitally altered images of thin women, hourglass body figures, makeup etc., raising our girls in a way so that they don’t place all their self-worth on the way they look is daunting and difficult. We as parents have a


Treating Phobias With Exposure Therapy

By: Danielle McCarthy

Trying to get over your fears and phobias is a very challenging thing. But there are evidence-based methods to help you, including “Exposure Therapy”. Facing your fears in a gradual and consistent way is one of the most effective ways to overcome phobias. In this week’s vlog, I explain what exposure therapy is, how it