Finding Rest: Understanding and Treating Sleep Problems with Evidence-Based Approaches

By: Danielle McCarthy

  Sleep is as essential to our health as eating, drinking, and breathing, and plays a vital role in maintaining our mental and physical health. Despite its importance, many of us struggle with sleep issues that can significantly impact our daily lives and overall wellbeing. Why is Sleep So Important? Quality sleep helps to repair


Unlocking the Power of Counselling: A Guide to Emotional Wellness

By: Danielle McCarthy

In our journey through life, we encounter various challenges that test our mental resilience and emotional health. It’s during these times that counselling can play a pivotal role in navigating through the turbulence. At Mind Potential Psychology, we believe in the transformative power of counselling, and it is with great excitement that we announce the


Navigating the Back-to-School Transition: A Psychologist’s Guide to Easing Children into a New Academic Year

By: Danielle McCarthy

The start of a new school year can be both an exciting and challenging time for children. Adjusting to a new routine, making new friends, and facing academic challenges can be overwhelming. As psychologists, we understand the importance of supporting children through this transition to ensure a smooth and positive adjustment. In this blog post,


De-stressing your life

By: Danielle McCarthy
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💌 Self-Compassion During COVID-19 💌

By: Danielle McCarthy

One of the things I have noticed a need for during the COVID-19 crisis more than ever is self-compassion. With massive disruptions in routine and extra stress, I am finding it all too easy to start criticising or putting unreasonable pressure on myself.  I’ve found that I have had to be extra conscious of pausing,


Overcoming Sleep Difficulties: 6. 30 Minute Rule

By: Danielle McCarthy

How’s everyone going with their sleeping? When reconditioning the bed as a place of sleep (as opposed to a place of wakefulness), we want to minimise the time we spend in bed awake. This is where the 30 minute rule comes in. If at any stage you’re lying in bed for approximately 30 minutes (approximately,


COVID-19: Obtaining a Referral for Mental Health

By: Danielle McCarthy

We’ve had a number of individuals enquiring how they can get a referral to see a Psychologist in light of the restrictions with COVID-19. I can confirm that a Mental Health Care Plan &/or a new referral letter can be provided by a GP via Telehealth. This of course will be dependent on whether the