Finding The Right Psychologist

By: Danielle McCarthy

It can be difficult to find the ‘right’ psychologist for you.  At the end of the day psychologists are humans. This means we will be well suited for some clients, but not so well suited for others. That’s why it’s important to find the ‘right’ psychologist for you…the right fit. This is someone you can


Implementing Gratitude In Your Daily Life

By: Danielle McCarthy

Gratitude is a simple, yet incredibly powerful tool. The practice of focusing on what is already here in your life and being grateful for it can assist in boosting: Feelings of happiness Optimism Personal satisfaction and motivation Not bad for something that only needs to take a couple minutes of your day. In the video


Implementing Self-Compassion

By: Danielle McCarthy

In this video I discuss ways that you can start implementing self-compassion in your life. As human beings, we are often better at showing others kindness, compassion and love, than we are ourselves. However, self-compassion is an important value to share with yourself for many reasons. In this video, I explain what self-compassion is, why we


Anxiety In Children & Adolescents

By: Danielle McCarthy

One in ten children/adolescents experience anxiety at a level which causes them to have problems doing things (e.g., going to school, trying new things, hanging out with friends, or performing their best). Knowing when to get help for your child can be tough. Worry is both normal and helpful, which is one of the reasons


Understanding Panic Attacks

By: Danielle McCarthy

A panic attack is a distinct episode of high anxiety, with intense fear or discomfort. It develops abruptly and has its peak within 10 minutes. A person who is having a panic attack will experience a sudden onset of several physical sensations. See the list below for common symptoms of a panic attack. To understand


How To Create Excitement In Your Everyday Routine

By: Danielle McCarthy

It’s so easy to get caught in the day-to-day grind, where it’s like the repeat button has been hit. This can leave you feeling bored, frustrated, or even a tad depressed. I believe that a little bit of excitement can be added to each day to assist you with feeling re-energised, motivated, and excited. Last