Cognitive defusion – What is it, and how can it help you?

It is a common human experience to get caught up in our thoughts. This can lead to issues at times. For example, getting caught up in thoughts about the future, all the things we have to get done, or “what if’ing” tends to be associated with anxiety. Alternatively, when we get caught up in negative thoughts about the past, this tends to be associated with depression.

Getting caught up in our thoughts is what we call ‘being fused with our thoughts’. Cognitive defusion is about helping us to get some much needed space from our thoughts and see them for what they are – just thoughts. Just mental activity. Just as one thought passes another will come and take its place. There are some wonderful cognitive defusion tools available to assist with defusing from our thoughts. In the video below I cover one commonly used tool that I have found to be super effective with clients.

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