De-Stress Your Life Challenge – What are your stress triggers and warning signs?

? De-Stress Your Life Challenge ?

This time of year can be stressful for many people. We’ve just come out the other side of Christmas and New Year. While this time of year can be festive it can also be highly stressful. It is common to experience:
? Increased financial strain
? Pressure from family and friends
? Many events on and places to be

I want to alleviate some of that stress for you!

While we can’t change some of the external things happening around us we can manage our response, and in particularly our stress levels.

This is what I want to help you do. So over the coming weeks I will be posting tools and strategies on our Facebook page at the beginning of the week for you to put into place. These tools will be aimed at reducing your stress levels and are ones I have used with many of my clients.

The thing is – ACCOUNTABILITY – is key! You will only experience the benefits of the exercises if you actually do them…and then do them again…and again…and well you get the picture.

To assist with this each week I will have homework tasks to complete and a document where you can tick them off as you go.

I always aim to make the strategies I want you guys to put into place achievable. I want you to be able to implement these in your daily life with ease. That’s why I won’t be expecting you to take hours out of your day for this challenge…only 10 or so minutes.

To get started check out the first video below where I discuss identifying your stress triggers and warning signs.

Danielle McCarthy: ¬†What are your stress triggers? The reason I want you to do this is because once you know your triggers, you’re going to become more aware of when these things show up in your life. This will put you in a better place to manage your stress.

Without awareness of your triggers and when they occur in your life it makes it hard to do much about them.

Common stress triggers for people include:

  • Tiredness
  • Deadlines
  • Hunger
  • Particular people
  • Too much to do

Can you relate to any of these? Or it might be something different. Have a think about it, what are your stress triggers?