Sometimes all we want is to be heard & validated

Emotional validation involves recognising that an individual’s feelings or opinions are valid and worthwhile. When someone expresses an emotion that you aren’t used to or are unsure of how to handle, understanding how to validate is important. It is essentially a way to communicate the acceptance of another person’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

Emotional validation involves recognising or acknowledging that an individuals feelings, emotions or responses to a situation are true, valid or worthwhile for them. It can be hard to have validating responses to certain emotions or opinions that may seem contrasting to your own or out of proportion to the situation. For example, when your best friend or partner makes a decision that you don’t consider rational, you may clash or want to prove you know better. This is where validation comes in handy – it is a great method of showing support without belittling them.

As humans, we all have a need to belong and feel accepted. It is very common for us to want to help our loved ones, and sometimes that can mean we want to try and solve all of their problems. But that isn’t necessarily what they need – sometimes it is simply letting them know you understand. But why should you show validation? Showing validation can help regulate their emotions, build identity and relationships, show that they are important, and help them construct their own way of understanding and effective communication. It essentially helps improve and advance their mental wellbeing to know you care. Spend the time to listen…to really hear what the other person is saying. Let them feel heard & understood.

For 3 tips on how you can validate a loved one watch the video below.

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