De-Stress Your Life Challenge – Week 2 Additional Strategies

In this second video for Week 2 of our De-Stress Your Life Challenge I cover an additional exercise to use when you become stressed: the A-N-D exercise. This exercise is to assist you in moments of stress. By naming sensations in your body it will help tame the intensity of them and give you some much needed space from them.

This wraps up week 2 of the challenge. Here’s what you need to do:

➡️ Private message us on Facebook with ‘homework 2’ to get the homework document

➡️ Private message us on Facebook with ‘body’ to get a copy of the Body Scan recording

➡️ Choose which Mindfulness of a daily activity you are going to do for this week

➡️ Get going with your daily practice and make sure you message us if you have any questions or concerns