De-Stress Your Life Challenge – Week 3: Mindfulness of Thoughts

Welcome to Week 3 of our De-Stress Your Life Challenge. Last week we covered how to build awareness of sensations of stress in your body. We covered 2 new strategies:

✅ Body scan meditation

✅ A-N-D exercise

This week we’re going to focus in on thoughts that might be driving your stress. I will discuss how to build awareness of these thoughts, and how to get some much needed space from them. In the video below I discuss a new Mindfulness exercise to assist with this: Mindfulness of Thoughts.

Here’s what you need to do:

➡ Watch the video below

➡ Head over to our Facebook page and private message us with ‘homework 3’ to get access to the homework document for week 3 of the challenge

➡ While you’re on our Facebook page also message us with ‘thoughts’ to get a copy of the Mindfulness of Thoughts recording