Overcoming sleep difficulties: 2. Keep your wake up time consistent

Ok, so in kick starting my tips for getting through the COVID-19 crisis, I  first I want to talk about sleep. I started posting tips about sleep before COVID-19, however, that all got put on hold in the last couple weeks. But come on – let’s face it, sleep is just as important now as it was a couple weeks ago. I’ve found myself falling asleep easily of a night (pure exhaustion will do that to you). However, at some stage during the night I end up waking up…and this is when the problems arise. When I wake up, my stress response is triggered and I am thinking thinking thinking about COVID-19…and I can’t get back to sleep ??

After a couple nights of this, I made the conscious decision to come back to the sleep principles I’ve taught so many of my clients… to start improving my sleep again. If you’re experiencing sleep problems, it might be a good idea for you to do the same. Start by watching the 1st 2 videos I posted a couple weeks ago:

Video: 0 – Intro to sleep video http://bit.ly/33vAF7x

Video 1: Keep the bed for sleep only: http://bit.ly/39UOwql

Once you’ve watched these 2, continue on with watching this latest one about keeping your wake-up time consistent. I have a few more tips up my sleeve regarding overcoming sleep difficulties that I will post over the coming days. Here’s to a good night sleep! ?