COVID-19 Connecting With Your Values

I’ve noticed that during this COVID-19 situation I am having a similar conversation with many clients around reconnecting with their values. Our values are the things that are important to us…the things that give us meaning and purpose…the direction we want to move.  Our goals are the actions we can take, the things we can tick off our list. We want our goals or our actions to ideally be in line with our values.

With the restrictions imposed on us during the COVID-19 crisis, we are likely unable to do many of the actions in line with our values that we would have been doing a couple months ago. We can’t go to the gym, or our local cafe or restaurant, or the movies, or the shops, etc. In addition, we are severely limited in our ability to connect with others. 

In this video I talk about the need for us to reconnect with our values during this time. And importantly, get creative and problem-solve the ways to continue to take valued action and connect with the things that are important to us. 

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