Treating Phobias With Exposure Therapy

By: Danielle McCarthy

Trying to get over your fears and phobias is a very challenging thing. But there are evidence-based methods to help you, including “Exposure Therapy”. Facing your fears in a gradual and consistent way is one of the most effective ways to overcome phobias. In this week’s vlog, I explain what exposure therapy is, how it


Alternative Ways To Be Mindful – That Don’t Involve Meditation

By: Danielle McCarthy

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment… It involves being fully present and aware of what’s going on for you, both internally & externally… with curiosity and without judgement. Mindfulness is great for our wellbeing generally, and has also been shown to assist in the treatment of a wide range of mental health concerns.


Thriving During The Adolescent Period

By: Danielle McCarthy

The adolescent period can be a tough time for both the adolescent and their parents/family. It is a time of great change physically, emotionally, and socially. The reason for this is that the brain is going through a very important re-wiring process during the adolescent years. It is strengthening certain networks and getting rid of ones


Cognitive defusion – What is it, and how can it help you?

By: Danielle McCarthy

It is a common human experience to get caught up in our thoughts. This can lead to issues at times. For example, getting caught up in thoughts about the future, all the things we have to get done, or “what if’ing” tends to be associated with anxiety. Alternatively, when we get caught up in negative


Managing uncomfortable emotions

By: Danielle McCarthy

Nobody likes uncomfortable emotions right? This can lead to attempts to avoid or suppress them. However, whether you like it or not, uncomfortable emotions are a normal part of the human experience. If you can learn ways to manage your uncomfortable emotions that don’t involve suppressing or avoiding, they will likely pass faster and even


Sometimes all we want is to be heard & validated

By: Danielle McCarthy

Emotional validation involves recognising that an individual’s feelings or opinions are valid and worthwhile. When someone expresses an emotion that you aren’t used to or are unsure of how to handle, understanding how to validate is important. It is essentially a way to communicate the acceptance of another person’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours. Emotional validation