5 steps to make stress work for you: 1. Understand the stress response

Most of us are living crazy busy lives…where we’re trying to wear multiple hats all at once – think work, parenting, running a household, being there for our loved ones. I know… I feel the pressures of these different roles and the fast paced nature of our society on a daily basis.

This has led me to become passionate about stress management. I am driven to find ways that I can manage the stress of living a fast paced life and continue to be the healthiest/happiest version of myself… AND show up to each of these different areas in the most effective way..

I’ve put together a 5-part video series covering some of the things I find helpful to manage my stress. My hope is that you find at least one gold nugget that helps you start minimising the negative impact of stress on your life.

Check out the 1st of the 5 videos below: