Mindful-Intuitive Eating

By: Danielle McCarthy

So most of us have heard of this Mindfulness thing by now am I right? But what about Mindful-Intuitive Eating? It may sound familiar but you might be wondering what on earth it is and how you do it. First of all let’s look at why you need to be doing it… Not eating mindfully:


Relationships – when things get tough

By: Danielle McCarthy

There’s no doubt about it – relationships can get tough. Whilst they can spark some of the most exciting emotions, they can also inevitably spark some of the more challenging ones as well. When emotions of frustration, hurt and anger arise so too can words and actions that we later regret. There’s a reason for this. In this


Ground Yourself In The Present Moment With This Quick, Easy Strategy

By: Danielle McCarthy

Ever get caught in your head? When we get caught in thoughts about the future this can be linked to stress and/or anxiety. When we get caught in thoughts about the past this can be linked to depression. By grounding yourself in the present moment (the here-and-now) this can help you get some much needed


3 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

By: Danielle McCarthy

Sleep is super super important. You might hear people saying “I don’t need much sleep” or “Sleep is overrated”. Well this is not true! Sleep is crucial for our functioning and wellbeing. If you’re not getting enough sleep you will likely start noticing negative side effects such as feeling more irritable or depressed, poor concentration,